Band Bios

Matt - Guitar

Billy - Drums/Vocals

Patrice - Lead Vocals

Mick - Bass/Vocals

Vinny - Guitar

Vinny Fodera
Lead Guitar

A native of Brooklyn, NY, Vinny began playing guitarat the age of fourteen and is self taught. His favorite music is classic rock and the blues. In his late teens, he learned how to repair guitars as a way of maintaining his own instruments and those of his friends. An opportunity to learn guitar building soon followed and he has been building guitars and basses for a living since 1976.

In 1983, he partnered with Joey Lauricella to form Fodera Guitars whitch continues to operate in Brooklyn. New York.

For Vinny playing guitars was second to building them, but he eventually decided to play out by joining the band Retro Play. 1m 2006 he was asked to join the acclaimed band, Bluesball. In 2014, Vinny and his fellow band mates were inducted into the American Heritage, International Organization Blues Hall Of Fame.

For the last several years he has been a member of Geezer and in his own words "I am having a great time and am proud to be a member of Geezer"

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Fodera Imperial, Emperor and Monarch Guitars
With Lindy Fralin & Seymour Pickups
Fender, Tone King & Tony Bruno Amps
J. Rockett Audio Design, RT 66, Boss, MXR & Vox Pedals.

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