Band Bios

Matt - Guitar

Billy - Drums/Vocals

Patrice - Lead Vocals

Mick - Bass/Vocals

Vinny - Guitar

Billy "Fazz" Fazzolari

Billy Fazz, as referred to by all his friends, has been on the music scene since the mid-60s. His first band, the Legends were at the top of the Brooklyn bands and were rivals to fellow GEEZER Mick and Matt's band the Iridescents. Billy later moved onto to Jaffna Jawbone with fellow GEEZERs Mick & Patrice, playing gigs up and down the Jersey and Long Island shores as well as the Bay Ridge circuit in Brooklyn. Once Jaffna Jawbone broke up Billy played with the well known rock band Fresh Aire with former GEEZER Ron Palermo.

Now in his golden years Billy has a steady gig with classic rockers GEEZER as well as his Tuesday night "Black eyed Bluesie" band that plays the blues at the Sugar Shack in Jersey.

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