Band Bios

Matt - Guitar

Billy - Drums/Vocals

Patrice - Lead Vocals

Mick - Bass/Vocals

Vinny - Guitar

Patrice Maisano
Vocals & Percussion

Patrice Maisano (married to fellow Geezer Mick) began singing in 1970 with a rock group called Jaffna Jawbone appearing at all of the Bay Ridge clubs including the infamous Gallery.....then known as Dr.Feelfunnys and later La Baloon. In 1973 she and Mick joined another rock band called Steeplechase and once again worked all the venues in Brooklyn and Staten Island (Inn By The Wayside).

In 1976 Patrice & Mick went the wedding route and worked for various bands in the Joe Dreo orchestras known as Music in Motion. They then stayed pretty steady with a group called Dreamstreet working mostly in New Jersey and Brooklyn . They stayed with that band until 1995..............................and then came GEEZER.

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