Band Bios

Matt - Guitar

Billy - Drums/Vocals

Patrice - Lead Vocals

Mick - Bass/Vocals

Vinny - Guitar

Mick Maisano
Bass Guitar & Vocals

It was 1963 when Mick picked up his first guitar, a hollow bodied used acoustic Harmony guitar. After numerous finger bleeds and a month's lessons with renowned guitarist Jimmy Sola, he was ready to go out on the road with his buddies called The Iridescents. Mick played rythmn guitar at the outset when the band was primarily doing Beatles tunes. He found the need to switch over to Farfisa organ as The Iridescents turned into Cheez and began to do many Door's songs. Mick sang lead with these groups over the three years of their existence. They worked steadily on the Bay Ridge circuit.

Once Cheez broke up Mick and his wife Patrice (fellow Geezer) formed a rock & roll band called Jaffna Jawbone and did the club circuit. Mick began to play bass guitar for this group. In fact, he still uses the same Fender Precision bass today. There were a couple of changeovers to Yasmin and Steeplechase as band members flew in and out. Finally, Mick and Patrice began to do weddings and became the house band at the Embassy Terrace with Music In Motion. Later, they moved to Jersey based Dynasty and World Class orchestras and played the wedding circuit until 1995. In 1983 they flirted with a wedding band in which Ron (fellow Geezer) was part of. However a utility strike took Mick away from the band for thirteen weeks and they never resumed.

After all his years of playing....he has finally earned the title, "Geezer".


1996 Fender Precision Bass (1972)
300 Watt SWR bass amp.


Mandolin Bros. - Staten Island, NY
MANDOLIN BROTHERS LTD Center of the Acoustic Universe!

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